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Summer & Fall 2019


We met Yvonne, US Army PFC Veteran at the Bear, DE Library Veterans Fair. She has significant breathing issues and cannot afford to take care of her back yard or do the things that she used to do.


Yvonne's property.

She has some really nice perennials, just hiding in there...


Lots of overgrown plants and weeds.

Yvonne imagines  us eliminating these weeds and replacing them with colorful perennials that she can enjoy but not have to do too much.


Small issue.

This tree, if you can imagine, is like the kind of tree you hope has a great rope swing on it. You could see kids climbing it, birds chirping in it and it providing a  wonderful shade. Unfortunately, this tree is dead. Our friend, Peg Schofield, who is a Consulting Arborist, is concerned that it probably needs to come down. More on that later...


The current patio.

And weeds have taken over. Time to reclaim and rebuild so  Yvonne has a nice seating area to rest and enjoy her garden.


Two sheds!

Yvonne has not one but 2 sheds on the property, one even has electricity. 


Another tree shot.

Upon further inspection, we notice that concrete had been poured down the center of the tree. This is tragic.


In the back

We've got trees and poison ivy and a ton of day lilies. Lots of  materials to recycle for Yvonne's transformation are hidden back there.



The condition of this tree is extremely alarming and not to mention very dangerous for Yvonne. 

June 29, Day 1


97 Degrees in the Shade

Board member Dawn shows off the new banner and is ready to go at 9:30am!


Heidi starts transforming.

Advisory board member, Heidi  did an incredible job pruning Yvonne's roses, azaleas and rhododendrons. And, she brought watermelon and Gatorade! Thanks, Heidi!



We said goodbye to the  dog, but Yvonne has decided with a little love, we should keep Bambi and place him in the yard as a decorative touch. 


Tony, US Army Veteran

Drove over from New Jersey to help us! Thank you Tony for your service, for volunteering and getting rid of some pretty hefty weeds.


Remember that small patio?

Turns out there is a beautiful Lily there. And it gives us the idea that we could make a patio space here.


Our favorite excavator.

Jason , once again  is showing those weeds who is boss. Thank you, Jason.

The tree. August 30.


Great efforts take time. 60 days, in fact.

We set the plans in motion back in June. Almost  two months later, we were still searching for assistance. The storms have been crazy this summer, and we've been worried that this tree would come down and cause major damage. And then...


Enter Joe Romello (and his family) for Tree Removal.

Our paths always seem to be filled with people wanting to give back . 

Joe Romello and his family, raised their hands for Yvonne's tree.   Here was that tree at the end of Day 1.


Day 2

That's Joe, dismantling the tree. Joe, thank you for taking down this tree! More photos to come...

october 13th, the patio.


Patio materials arrived.

We were blessed by all of our donors this summer they paid for the materials you see here. We could not get them donated from any local home improvement store. We were also blessed  to have our friends from Pennsylvania: Kristin, board member Heidi as well as Billy (US Navy) and Rommie (US Army),  These Veterans drove down from the Philadelphia Veterans Multi-Service Center. 


The Tiller.

US Army Veteran and Advisory Board member, Pete brought the tiller. So grateful because that ground was pretty tough. Pete broke his back while serving. Yet he was still out there digging and tilling and laying pavers.  Thanks, Pete!


Rebuilding a retaining wall.

Not only did Heidi, Billy and Rommie rip out all of the weeds in the back, they rebuilt a crumbling wall and installed beautiful grasses that our friends at Enliven Planters generously donated. 

Join us in New Castle, DE October 20.


We still have a ways to go.

Volunteers are needed for October 20th at 11am. We need to finish this patio, take out the tree stump and finish up trimming the shrubs on the property.  WE NEED YOU.

You can help.

Every dollar you contribute goes directly into Yvonne's project. If you can't donate your time, consider donating to provide her the space she has only dreamt about. 

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

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Enliven Planters

Our official plant provider.  Thank you, Enliven. 


Can't volunteer but want to purchase something? We are always on the lookout for:

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  • Soil
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We're counting on you.

This is our opportunity to thank our Veterans and Active Duty members and provide them with a beautiful surrounding.  

Join us this Fall.

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